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    關于我們 ABOUT US

           Dinotech, a professional company provides end-to-end intelligent factory solutions with fusion of IT/OT, from conception through system go live across the entire manufacturing lifecycle. We are GMP Manufacturing experts, focus on the delivery and support of Automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Digital Technologies, and also related validation service for pharmaceutical and biotech. Our solutions create robust and poka-yoke systems with maximum operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Together with our leading Life Sciences clients, achieving ambitious smart factory goals.


    企業優勢 ADVANTAGE

           Co-operating with a large pool of skilled employees and contractors, Dinotech partners with the leading Life Sciences companies delivering consultancy, business analysis, solution design, system integration, and support to provide performance improvements, which could help Pharmaceutical customers to have a real market advantage and make their products and services to be brought to market more quickly than competitors. Dinotech has professional teams with the aptitude to deliver and support Life Sciences Manufacturing 4.0 architectures and solutions covering various IT, OT and IoT applications, infrastructures and services.





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